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News from 5/08 through 6/08

6/7/08: Heroes fans, look at what Mezco is doing for HeavenSent!

Mezxo auction Heroes character figures to support HeavenSent

Rare unpainted prototype Heroes figures by Mezco. Shown left to right: Sylar, Mohinder, Claire, Peter & Hiro. Listed on ebay by Mezco, who will donate 100% of the final sale to HeavenSent! The figures are currently on display at 30 Rock in NYC.

Look at what the wonderful people at Mezco are doing for us! Please note that this is Mezco's bulldog charity that is listing this item via ebay's Mission Fish, so if you can't find it under our ebay account -- that's why. If you are interested in bidding and have questions pertaining to that, please direct them to their charity through ebay.

Mezco Lends A Helping "Paw" To Bulldogs In Need
NY- www.Mezcotoyz.com, premier toy and collectible manufacturer, is lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate; bulldogs. In February 2008, Mezco Toyz, the makers of the new Heroes action figures, sent a set of unpainted prototype test shot figures to the legendary 30 Rock (30 Rockefeller center) in NY to be displayed at NBC’s headquarters as part of the NBC tour.

Click here to read more and comment on the HSBR blog!

6/1/08: HSBR Webmaster, April Robin says "hello"!

Web and Graphic Design by April Robin.I figure it's probaby about time I introduced myself since you may see my name around here and there, especially on the blog. I am the webmaster of the official HSBR website and the
HSBR Blog.

I've been a professional graphic artist and web designer since about 1998. I currently run my own business doing contract and freelance design and web development.

The HeavenSent logo, graphics and many of the ads for our friends, such as Creek's Edge and Stein's Apothecary, are all made by me. I also designed the website and blog and manage both. These are all my personal donations and HeavenSent does not pay for any of my services. They are my gift to bulldog rescue efforts.

While I am not part of the adoption process or dog placement, if you have any suggestions for or questions about our site, please feel free to email me at ar@aprilrobin.com or comment on my blog posts.

Keep an eye on the blog for new HSBR buttons, banners and widgets for you website, blog, myspace, facebook -- you name it. Linking to HeavenSent is a great way to help promote bulldog rescue and we'd very, very much appreciate it!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

--April Robin

Updated on 5/16/08: We've entered the Blogosphere!

Click Here to visit the HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue Blog.

We're up and running! There's still some tweaks to make and features we want to add, like social bookmarks and micro buttons, but so far so good.

This blog isn't replacing this site, but is in addition to. The News section here will still be updated, but on the blog we can allow several HSBR members to be authors and update more frequently and in more detail.

Feel free to interact and add your comments. If you don't have a Google account, you can still comment, but please sign your name.

Hope to see you there soon!

Updated on 5/11/08: EBAY AUCTIONS FOR TANK!

Click Here to See Heavensent's Ebay Auctions.

Click Here to Read Tank's Story.

Every bit of money raised by these auctions will go directly to Tank's significant medical bills!!!

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