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Well, it seems I misspoke when I asked everyone to submit their Neighbors Choice Award vote through the philly.com web site. The paper's rules (as seen in this past Sunday's Neighbors section) indicate that votes must be on their official entry blank only available if you buy the paper. Drat!

So, hear we go again asking if you'll please resubmit all the fabulous entries we've received from you and buy the darned paper, fill out the entry blank and mail it in to support WonderDogs. Entry blanks will be available in the Sunday papers until the end of the month. The more people we can convince to help out, the better.

Again, and as always, we so appreciate your continued help and support!


Friends of HeavenSent, please pitch in an help our friends at Wonderdogs - they help out our rescue all the time! All it takes is a simple vote. Please read on and let your friends know as well...

On Sunday Sept. 9, 16, 23 and 30th, the Neighbors section of the Philadelphia Inquirer will be taking votes for your favorite businesses in the South Jersey area. We could really use your help in voting for WonderDogs as your favorite dog training school since the impact of all the many e-collar (shock collar) trainers in our area has had a tremendously negative effect on our enrollments.

You (and anyone you think might like to help us) can vote by getting the paper on any Sunday in September and filling out the appropriate form in the Neighbors section or you can access a form online.

Thank you all in advance for your help in voting and spreading the word. We really, really appreciate it!


Updated on 9/4/07:

The events at Cutter's Mill in Cherry Hill have been so great that we've scheduled THREE more in advance! Come visit us at all of them, you never know who you might meet =)

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