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Supervising your pet is the most reliable method to ensure it's safety.
For added assurance, we recommend that all pets be micro-chipped.

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Free To Good Home???

Some people, especially those new to the rescue/adoption process, might be surpised when they hear that there is an adoption fee for our Bulldogs. An adoption fee is actually pretty standard practice for the majority of animal rescues and shelters and there are many good reasons for this.

At HeavenSent, the adoption fees mostly go directly to the medical care of our rescues. That's a cost that will probably never be fully covered. In fact, many medical bills, supplies and other costs are often covered by our volunteers themselves.

However, costs are only one reason that there should always be an adoption fee. Here are some other reasons:

1) People value what they pay for.
2) So-called "Bunchers" gather free pets until they have enough for a trip to a Class B Dealer who is licensed by the USDA to sell to sell animals from "random sources" for research.
3) Free animals are taken to "blood" pit-bulls--to train fighting dogs how to kill, and to enjoy it.
4) Unspayed or unneutered pure-bred dogs may end up as "breeding stock" in a puppy mill.

The list continues.

Please, CLICK HERE to read the rest of this eye-opening article by
Michelle Crean,
Animal Aid of SW MI

Collars for Bulldogs!

How Do I Begin the Adoption Process? 
How Long Will It Take to Adopt a Bulldog?

We receive MANY inquiries about the dogs that are listed on our website and on Petfinder.  It is difficult to respond to all of them, so we respectfully request that you fully complete our adoption application before you email us. If you just write to us and ask questions, we will respond by asking you to complete an application anyway, so you will save a step if you simply complete an application in the first place.

The application does not obligate you in any way and we do not require an application fee. The only money that is involved is the ADOPTION donation, which is usually $500.00. This money is due at the time you complete an adoption.

If you are serious about adopting, and you live within our geographic area, we encourage you to complete an application even if the dogs you see listed who are currently available for adoption are not dogs you feel would mix well with your family. If your application has been reviewed, references checked, and a home visit completed, and you are ultimately approved, you will be in a better position for adoption when a dog for whom you ARE suited is looking for a home. We do not always list every adoptable dog on Petfinder or on our website.

By now, you should understand that your completed application is the most important step in beginning the adoption process.

If you don’t answer all of the questions on the application it will mean we have to contact you to get the information before processing your application. ALL answers are important. 

If we think your application would be a good match for one of our currently adopta-BULL dogs, we WILL contact your veterinarian for a reference, and if your pets have been seen at other offices besides the ones you have listed, we need that information also.

If your vet check is favorable, the next step is to arrange a home visit at a time that all family members will be available. We will prefer a day and time when your outdoor property can also be observed.  When you are contacted by the volunteer who will be visiting with you, that individual will be committing their own time to a meeting that will be convenient for everyone. Please be certain that you will be available for that visit. The volunteer who visits you will be making observations based on HeavenSent’s criteria. This person is not the individual who will approve or disapprove your application. Often, this person is not someone who is fostering any of our dogs and will usually not be able to answer questions about the dogs. Home visits are based on our volunteers’ geographic location and their proximity to the prospective adopters.

If the vet check and the home visit have gone well, in general we will consider your application “approved”. At that time, if there is a dog we would like to have you meet, we will provide photos and information about that dog, and a visit with that dog will be arranged.  We prefer to have all family members and other pets meet with the Bulldog who might become the new family member.

If no suitable match is possible at that time, your approved application is kept on file and it only means that YOUR dog has not found US yet.

When you have met a dog we would all consider as a suitable match, the next steps are discussed at that time. We will speak with you at length regarding what you can expect during the re-homing and adaptation period.

If at any point you have acquired a dog elsewhere, or have decided you are no longer interested in adopting through HSBR, please contact us so that we can remove your application from further consideration.

It is important for all interested parties to understand that our primary commitment is to the dogs who are in our care.  

At HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue, our goal is to find great people for wonderful dogs.

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